Looking for unique and delicious snacks for a cocktail party? A sushi bar for your wedding? A gourmet five-course dinner?
Whatever you desire, we can make it happen!
A few ideas to get you started:


Sushi bar

We’ll come to your house, office, cave, boat, etc. and prepare fresh sushi rolls for you and your guests. We'll have sushi ready when guests arrive and keep rolling throughout the party. Guests can request special rolls, or choose from the prepared platters. We’ll work with you to create an ideal menu or we’ll feature the chef's choice menu.


Izakaya night

An Izakaya is a Japanese pub that serves delicious small plates of food to accompany your drinks. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day or catch up with old friends. Turn your own home into an Izakaya for the night! Dr. Sushi and the crew will set up shop, mix up some drinks, and churn out delicious small plates all night while you relax with friends and family. Sample menus available upon request.



Japanese food isn’t always sushi, ramen, and tempura; the majority of Japanese cuisine (Washoku) is based on seasonality, using what’s in season and abundant - fish served grilled or raw, vegetables pickled or simmered in complex broths, and fresh noodles or steamed rice that round out meals. When people call Japanese food "so healthy", this is what they’re talking about. Balanced home-style dishes consumed daily. Our Midwestern take on Japanese gourmet and comfort foods is what we pride ourselves on most. Contact us and we'll help you create a memorable food experience for your guests.


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